Sprung Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

Sprung Season 2 will be the best crime and comedy layout. Do not think what it will be, but you will see the best outline after the Sprung. Everyone now is waiting for a long for its second part. See what will the thing be and what is the Sprung Season 2 release date 2023?

Do not just stop! Move forward with the Sprung, and see what more we get from the web show. Well, the Sprung web show was created by Greg Garcia with the 3 Arts Production House. Explore more related to the Sprung Season 2 trailer 2023 and get more details with the article below.

Sprung Season 2: Comeback!

Looking forward to the Sprung Season 2 Release Date is not a thing that we can move with. Till now, there have been no updates related to the show from the publication house. See when they will announce any news related to the part and we will be in touch with it. Though, we can only see the Sprung Season One, and grab more!

Well, the Sprung web series has gathered a good ratio of audience that moves with a rating of 8.3/10 in the IMDb list. See what is the most attractive part of the complete show that has gained this much popularity. And only this will be possible when you move with the Sprung Season One Episode in detail.

About: Sprung Show

I. Overview

  • Genre: Comedy, Crime
  • Original Network: Amazon Freevee
  • Originality: United States
  • Seasons: 1
  • Sprung Season 2: TBR

II. Outline

Well when we move to the Sprung Series, we look at a story that is based on both crime and comedy. Here, you will see how Jack came out of prison after spending his three years in it. Now, he has to look at the part of what his life is about. And have to look after that no more he will be indulged himself in the crime. See how the show catches you with its character and role. Do not leave the interesting show, you must and go watch it.

Sprung Season 2: Cast & Characters

Do not miss the Sprung Season 2 Cast:

Sprung Season 2 Cast
Garret DillahuntJack
Martha PlimptonBarb
Shakira BarreraGloria
Phillip GarciaRooster
James EarlMelvin
Clare GilliesWiggles

Sprung Season 2: Episode Guide

Run Date (S1)Run Duration
Episode 1.119 August 202238 min
Episode 1.219 August 202234 min
Episode 1.326 August 202238 min
Episode 1.426 August 202234 min
Episode 1.52 September 202236 min
Episode 1.62 September 202234 min
Episode 1.78 September 202240 min
Episode 1.88 September 202232 min
Episode 1.915 September 202265 min

Is There Any Trailer Yet?

No, when we look at the Sprung Season 2 trailer there is no information. Instead, we can look at the Sprung Season 1 trailer:

Where To Watch Sprung Season 2?

Are you searching for online platforms for Sprung Season 2? So, you can move with Amazon Prime Video, where you see the show cast all its previous episodes. Go with it, and start watching the show. While Sprung TV show Season 2 has not yet started so when there is any episode related to it, you can also watch on Sprung Season 2 Freevee.


From here, you can see that there is no update for the Season 2 of Sprung. So, you can move forward and see the Season One. Or you can refer to the below-related show for your enjoyment.


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