Alpha Males Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

Alpha Males Season 2 one of the comedy genre web show is set to revolve around its path with us soon. Do you also want to know about the cast of Alpha Males television show in detail? Do not be left behind by others, here we will tell you more about Alpha Males in detail. Scroll down, and you will get every update.

The Spanish Alpha Male web series created by Alberto Caballero with a series of 10 episodes has left its viewers amazed! So why to wait Laura Caballero directed the show in the original language.

Alpha Males Season 2: Comeback!

Watching the Alpha Males web show becomes the best part for some of the viewers and they are insisting on the Alpha Males Season 2. What to look forward to when season one has given the most astonishing scene. Leave everything behind and just move to season one. Well, Netflix has started production related to the Alpha Males Season 2 Release Date, we will update you when the episode comes out.

Talking about the Alpha Males Season 2 ratings, we see that with its season one it has got a great audience. In the IMDb list, you will see its score reach 7.4 stars. Touching the heights with only one year is such a great path for the web show. See what we see more related to it.

About: Alpha Males Show

I. Overview

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Originality: Spanish
  • Original Network: Netflix
  • Seasons: 1
  • Alpha Males Season 2: TBR

II. Outline

When you start watching the Alpha Males web series, you will see the different characters in it. From getting indulged with the Alpha Males episodes, you will see four men who are around 40. All it takes you is the world where they are exploring their male privileges as per the social changes. Explore more!

Alpha Males Season 2: Cast & Characters

Give a look to the cast of Alpha Males:

Gorka OtxoaSanti
Fernando GilPedro Aguilar
Kira MiroLuz
Paula Gallego Alex
Nacho RubioJero
Raquel GuerreroEsther

Alpha Males Season 2: Episode Guide

Wait for it, and look when the Alpha Males Season 2 Episodes are out!

S.NoEpisode NameRun Date (S1)Run Duration
1Deconstructing30 December 202231 min
2Life’s What Absorbs You30 December 202236 min
3Toxic Masculinity30 December 202237 min
4Ibizan Herbs30 December 202238 min
5Sensitive Heteroflexibles30 December 202233 min
6Look What You Have Done30 December 202235 min
7When Was the Last Time You Cried?30 December 202234 min
8Just When We Were Doing So Well30 December 202233 min
9The Moses of Sexist Pigs30 December 202232 min
10Either the Course Is a Failure, or We Are30 December 202234 min

What About The Alpha Males Season 2 Trailer?

When we look at the Alpha Males Season 2 trailer we can not get anything. Instead, we can move to the Alpha Males trailer:

Where To Watch Alpha Males Season 2?

Looking the ways that will offer you the complete Alpha Males web show? So, we recommend you Alpha Males Netflix. It will help you out more about the Alpha Males cast, what makes Alpha Males fall in love, and other categories. So, why wait when you have the top web show platform?

Moreover, you can also watch the Alpha Male shows on Netflix with your partner & friends. Go with it, and start watching the show.

Last Thoughts

With the article, you have looked over the different Alpha Males Experiment that you can refer to. So, why are you still here? Go and watch the web show, you will find it loveable.


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