Blood Coast Season 2 Release Date, Updates, Plotlines & Episode Guide

Blood Coast Season 2 are you excited for the next crime drama layout? Watching the Blood Coast is just a happening story. No, all it is about the fictional story but when you start watching it, you will get to dive yourself into it.

The Crime, Drama, Thrilling Blood Coast Show is waiting for its viewers. Watch it, and see more info related to it in the below article.

Blood Coast Season 2 Comeback!

All it is seen is that with Blood Coast Season One, we have to wait for the official news. It is not expected soon, because season one came only in December 2023. The season just got the top rankings in the crime drama series. Catch out the show and find out what character do you like the most. Is it Lyes, Alice, Murillo, Tatto or Ali Vaidi? Well, the Tatto is a flirting guy. Do not miss the interesting part. Go over it!

Checking the IMDb Ratings, you will find out that in the IMDB list, it scores 7 stars out of 10. Where is the Rotten Tomatoes the percentage lies at 73%.

About: Blood Coast Show

I. Overview

  • Genre:
  • Director:
  • Producer:
  • Originality: Netflix
  • Original Language:
  • Running Time: December, 2023

II. Outline

When you start watching Blood Coast, you will find out the thriller story. With the starting, you will lead to the dead moran where a thief has to be at his son’s. Well, it was just the escape plane. Moreover, when you continue the show episodes, you will see the drug dealing story. It was all set up at the beach where Lyes’ and his team were waiting for the results to come out. With time, they suspect two persons and lead them to the jail. What does it look like? What happens next? Well, they all wanted to know who is The Indian. Catch the show, you will surely love the complete story.

Blood Coast Season 2 Cast & Characters

Blood Coast Season 2 Cast

Here, you will see all the cast of Blood Coast Season 1. Are you excited to watch out who will be part of the crime and thrilling story? Let us grab it!

Tewfik Jallab Captain Lyes BenamarJudicial Police Officer.
Jeanne GoursaudCaptain Alice VidalBenamar’s New Partner
Nicolas DuvauchelleFranck MurilloDangerous Criminal
Moussa MaaskriTarek HamadiThe Indian!
Lani Sogoyou Audrey IlungaBenamar’s Colleague
Olivier BarthelemyArno CabellaBenamar’s Colleague

Blood Coast Episode Guide! (S1)

Episode NameRun Date
The Crazies6 December 2023
Welcome to the Squad6 December 2023
Closing In6 December 2023
The Showdown6 December 2023
Blood Runs Deep6 December 2023
The Manhunt6 December 2023

Is There Any Trailer Available For The Blood Coast Season 2?

Well, glancing at the Blood Coast Season 2 Trailer, we can not find any. But when we led ourselves to the Blood Coast Season 1 Trailer, we got some. So, just look at it out and see what is the next outline, you will gonna see in the complete show.

Where Is The Blood Coast Season 2 Available Online?

While glancing at the Blood Coast Season 2 Episodes, we see that there is no show and episodes are out. You must try for the Blood Coast, and find out its thrilling episodes. It is our surety that you will love the show. The Lyes team and Alice’s entry in the middle will keep you out of the other things. And you start watching the Blood Coast Show.

Isn’t it an interesting part where you get the drug dealing story, and all the episodes are going to find out who is the bloody head? Well, all they are finding The Indian! The Lyes and Alice trip to the leading investigation will only be available on Netflix. Find some more interesting parts that you will love in the complete show. Go it out.


From here, you have looked at the Blood Coast Show and the next one when it will come out. Soon, we will be able to catch the show but now wait for the part about when it will come. Recently, in 2023 it came with its outstanding performance. Check for more shows!


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