Berlin Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, And Update You Must Know

Berlin Season 2 are you excited for the show? Firstly, I want to ask if you watched the Berlin Season 1. Well, the heist plan is outstanding and has a great audience ratio. What excites you most when you catch back the show with another heist?

Get along with the article and see what other heist Tosim is planning. The curiosity is the part that has stuck all of us to the Money Heist: Berlin Show. Not professionally, I want to ask you guys what part you liked the most. Because it is important to know. Let us catch some heist creature by knowing its cast, trailer, and more! Ready? So, Scroll!

Berlin Season 2: Comeback!

After watching Berlin all things are clear that the show will come with the next part. Well, as of now we are not sure when it will be but soon we will get updates. Getting the show and now all of us are curious and want it will come back soon. Anyhow! Stay Tuned! We will let you know all updates.

About: Berlin Show

I. Overview

  • Genre: Money Heist, Suspense
  • Producer: Esther Martinez Lobato
  • Creator: Alex Pina
  • Originality: Netflix

II. Outline

What is the most interesting part of Berlin? After all the ESCAPE! Is it? Or the HEIST PLAN? What is yours? Do let us know. Or if you are unaware of it, grab the interesting outline. The start of the show will take you to the character’s stuff and how they are meeting. But when you get into Berlin, you will see how the plan was made and executed. Whether it will be the Church, The Priest, The Most Precious Antique Item, The Paris Family Trip, or Tosim’s Love.

Most importantly The Parsian Bank! Right? See how the gang completed the €44 million jewels heist without any traces. I think this is enough to create your interest. Go to the show and catch it!

Berlin Season 2: Cast & Characters

Berlin Season 2: Cast & Characters
Pedro AlonsoAndres de Fonollosa / Berlin
Tristan UlloaDamian
Michelle JennerKeila
Begona VargasCameron
Julio Pena FernandezRoi
Joel SanchezBruce
Samantha SiqueirosCamille

Berlin Season 2: Episode Layout(S1)

Episode NameRun Date
The Energy of Love29 Dec, 2023
Anchor and Lobo29 Dec, 2023
Full House of Embryos29Dec, 2023
An Aquarium on Your Back29 Dec, 2023
After Love29 Dec, 2023
Night of the Lemons29 Dec, 2023
The Last Virgin in the Western World29 Dec, 2023
An Endangered Elephant29 Dec, 2023

Is There Any Trailer Yet?

Do you want to catch the Berlin Season 2 Trailer? Well, there is nothing specific that we will show you. But yes, you can lead to the Berlin Trailer:

Where Can I Watch Berlin Season 2?

While scrolling through the different things, one thing that we will serve you is the online watching platform. Yes, we recommend the top platform where you can also watch it offline. To watch Berlin, go to Netflix.

Here, you can enjoy the season with your friends and loved ones! Surely, you will enjoy the layout and the heist plan that is made for stealing Millions of Euros of Jewells. Exciting? Of course YES! Pack up your other stuff and start watching the show.


Well, from the Berlin Season 1 ending it is confirmed that the show will come back with the other heist. Set yourself up and get indulged in it. Moreover, when you start watching the show, you will lean into it and catch all the Berlin 8 Episodes in one sip!


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