The term ‘summer solstice’ originates from Latin, translating to “sun stands still”. 

Occurs twice yearly, once in Northern Hemisphere and once in Southern Hemisphere.

June solstice usually occurs in June 20 and 22 in the Northern Hemisphere.

December solstice occurs between December 20 and 23 in Southern Hemisphere.

During this time, the Sun ascends to its highest point about 23.5 degrees. 

Length of day increases as one moves from the Equator towards North Pole .

During winter solstice, length of day decreases as one moves towards the South Pole .

summer solstice is evident by ancient civilizations constructed monuments in alignment of solstices. 

This year,  summer solstice was observed globally on June 20 at 4:50 PM EDT  .

The summer solstice is not the hottest day of the year .