Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical Winner List

Dive into the world of the Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical! This page unveils the nominees, the winner (The Outsiders!), and explores the key ingredients that make a musical a Tony Award contender.

Uncover the stories behind the shows, the creative forces that brought them to life, and the impact this prestigious award holds on Broadway. So, whether you’re a theater buff or simply curious about the magic Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical, this is your chance to peek behind the curtain!

2024 Tony Awards: Who Took Home Best Musical?

The Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical, formally called the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre, are basically the Oscars of Broadway. Presented annually, they recognize the best in live Broadway productions and performances.

Their significance lies in celebrating achievement and attracting attention. Winning a Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical is a huge honor for those in Broadway, and the awards ceremony itself generates a lot of publicity, keeping Broadway shows in the spotlight and potentially boosting ticket sales.

Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical Winner List Category

The Best Musical category is a Tony Award powerhouse, and every year it generates a ton of buzz! Here’s how you can capture that anticipation and excitement:

  • Close race: Emphasize if there are several strong contenders. Mention the different styles and themes of the nominated musicals, creating a sense of contrasting possibilities.
  • Breakout success: Is there a fresh, new musical that’s shaking things up? Highlight the excitement surrounding a potential underdog or a show with a unique concept.
  • Veteran favorites: Are there big-name composers or directors behind any of the musicals? Mention their past accolades and how their involvement is fueling anticipation.
  • Critical acclaim: Have any of the nominated musicals received rave reviews? Mention the critical praise and how it’s translating into audience excitement.
  • Awards buzz: Are there any musicals generating a lot of pre-show chatter? Mention the whispers and predictions being made, building suspense for the big reveal.
  • Social media frenzy: Talk about how fans are discussing the nominees online. Mention any hashtags or online polls that are capturing the excitement.

Date and Location of the Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical Cermony

The 77th Tony Awards ceremony took place on Sunday, June 16, 2024, at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City.

2024 Tony Awards Ceremony

DateJune 16, 2024
LocationDavid H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center, New York City
Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical

Importance of Best Musical Award at Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical

The Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical category holds a significant position in the theatre world, offering both prestige and a marker of historical achievement. Here’s a breakdown of why:


  • Validation and Recognition: Winning a Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical is a major accomplishment. It signifies the respect of peers, critics, and the theatre community for the artistic merit of the entire production – music, lyrics, story, direction, and performances.
  • Box Office Boost: A Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical (for Broadway shows) or other major theatre award can significantly increase ticket sales and extend the show’s run. The award becomes a selling point, attracting audiences who trust the recognition.
  • Career Advancement: For creators involved in the musical, winning can be a career-changer. It opens doors to future projects, attracts collaborators, and establishes them as leaders in the field.

Historical Significance:

  • Documenting Innovation: Best Musical awards create a record of artistic evolution. Looking at past winners shows how the form has grown and adapted over time, reflecting changing social and cultural themes.
  • Preserving Great Works: Award-winning musicals are more likely to be revived and re-staged in the future. The Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical helps ensure these stories and artistry are not lost.
  • Cultural Impact: Groundbreaking musicals can influence popular culture and social discourse. Winning a Best Musical award can further solidify this impact and ensure the show’s place in theatre history.

Winning Tony Award can Impact a Show’s Success and Longevity – Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical

Winning a Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical can be a major boon for a Broadway show’s success and longevity in a couple of key ways:

Increased Audience Interest and Sales:

  • Prestige and Recognition: A Tony Award is considered the highest honor in American theater. Winning one instantly elevates a show’s profile and reputation, making it seem more prestigious and critically acclaimed. This can attract new audiences who are drawn to seeing an award-winning production.
  • Media Attention: Winning a Tony generates significant media buzz. News outlets report on the winners, reviews become more prominent, and the show might even land interviews with cast and crew. This widespread exposure translates to more people becoming aware of the show and potentially wanting to see it.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Studies have shown that winning a Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical, particularly for Best Musical, can extend a show’s run by a significant amount of time, from six months to a year and a half. This is likely due to the increased audience interest and the show’s newfound status.

Economic Benefits:

  • Higher Ticket Sales: With more people interested, ticket sales tend to rise after a Tony win. This translates to a significant financial boost for the production.
  • Touring Opportunities: Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical can open doors for national tours. Theaters across the country might be more likely to book a show that has been recognized by the Tonys, further extending the show’s reach and revenue stream.
  • Star Power: Actors who win Tonys often see a rise in their own careers. This can lead to higher ticket prices or even sell-out crowds if a famous actor is now associated with the show.

Nominees for Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical

The nominees for Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical were:

  • Illinoise
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Suffs
  • Water for Elephants
  • The Outsiders (winner)

Illinoise: A Dance-Fueled Coming-of-Age Story

Illinoise, a 2023 dance revue musical, isn’t a direct adaptation of Sufjan Stevens’ acclaimed 2005 album of the same name. Instead, it uses the album’s music and lyrics as inspiration for an original story. The show follows a group of friends gathered around a campfire, sharing memories and experiences of growing up in Illinois.

A newcomer to the group, Henry, finds the courage to finally share his story of navigating his sexuality and the impact it had on his childhood friendships. Through a blend of dance, music, and storytelling, Illinoise explores themes of self-discovery, first love, and the complexities of transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

Key Highlights:

  • Unique Storytelling: Illinoise departs from the traditional musical format. There’s no spoken dialogue – the story unfolds entirely through movement, music, and the evocative lyrics of Sufjan Stevens.
  • Dance & Movement: Directed and choreographed by Tony Award-winning Justin Peck, the show is known for its dynamic and emotionally charged choreography.
  • Sufjan Stevens’ Music: The musical features songs from the original Illinois album, reimagined and arranged for the stage. Expect a mix of styles, from folk and indie rock to marching band and electronic soundscapes.
  • Coming-of-Age Story: At its heart, Illinoise is a deeply personal story about navigating identity, loss, and finding acceptance.

Creative Team:

  • Music & Lyrics: Sufjan Stevens
  • Original Story: Justin Peck & Jackie Sibblies Drury
  • Director & Choreographer: Justin Peck (Tony Award winner)

Hell’s Kitchen: A Coming-of-Age Symphony in New York City

Set in the vibrant chaos of 1990s Hell’s Kitchen, the musical follows Ali, a fiery 17-year-old yearning for freedom and self-discovery. Feeling stifled by her overprotective single mother, Ali stumbles upon a hidden passion for the piano with the help of a wise neighbor.

Alicia Keys’ music, both new and classic hits, fuels this story about finding your voice, navigating a complex mother-daughter bond, and chasing dreams in the heart of New York City.

Notable Cast Members:

  • Shoshana Bean
  • Brandon Victor Dixon
  • Kecia Lewis
  • Chris Lee
  • Maleah Joi Moon (as Ali)

Key Creative Team:

  • Book: Kristoffer Diaz (Pulitzer Prize finalist)
  • Music & Lyrics: Alicia Keys (16-time Grammy Award winner)
  • Director: Michael Greif (four-time Tony Award nominee)
  • Choreographer: Camille A. Brown (Tony Award nominee)

Unique Features & Standout Elements:

  • Jukebox Musical: Hell’s Kitchen incorporates Alicia Keys’ established hits (“Fallin'”, “If I Ain’t Got You”) alongside new music specifically written for the show.
  • Semi-Autobiographical: Inspired by Keys’ own experiences growing up in New York City, the musical offers a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of a young artist.
  • Focus on Community: The story celebrates the power of community and mentorship, highlighting the support system that helps Ali find her voice.
  • Uplifting Tone: Despite the challenges, Hell’s Kitchen ultimately delivers a hopeful message about self-discovery, perseverance, and the enduring power of music.

Suffs: A Look at the Tony-Nominated Musical

Suffs, a powerful musical with a book, music, and lyrics by Shaina Taub, dives into the heart of the early 20th-century women’s suffrage movement in the United States. It doesn’t shy away from portraying both the triumphs and internal conflicts within the movement.

The story shines a light on the often-overlooked heroines who fought tirelessly for women’s right to vote, including figures like Inez Milholland, Ida B. Wells, and Alice Paul.

Key Highlights:

  • Honest Portrayal: Suffs takes a critical yet respectful approach, examining the suffrage movement through a modern lens. It acknowledges the movement’s achievements while also highlighting the racial and class divides that existed within it.
  • Powerful Music: Shaina Taub’s original score blends various musical styles, creating a dynamic and emotionally charged soundscape that reflects the struggles and aspirations of the characters.
  • Unsung Heroes: The musical brings to light the lesser-known figures within the suffrage movement, giving them a platform to be celebrated.

Notable Cast Members:

  • Shaina Taub (composer, lyricist, and star)
  • Jenn Colella (Tony-nominated for Outstanding Featured Actress)
  • Nikki M. James (Drama League Award nomination)
  • Emily Skinner

Key Creative Team:

  • Shaina Taub (Book, Music & Lyrics)
  • Leigh Silverman (Director)

Unique Features:

  • Genre-Bending Score: Suffs utilizes a diverse musical palette, incorporating elements of folk, pop, and even vaudeville to create a unique and engaging sound.
  • Social Commentary: The musical delves into the complexities of social justice movements, sparking conversations about race, class, and the ongoing fight for equality.

Water for Elephants (2024 Tony Nominee – Best Musical)

Water for Elephants is a heartwarming and dramatic musical based on the bestselling novel of the same name. The story unfolds through the memories of Jacob Jankowski, an elderly man reminiscing about his youth during the Depression era.

Following a devastating family tragedy, a young and disillusioned Jacob hops a train, unknowingly landing himself aboard the Benzini Brothers Circus. There, his veterinary background earns him a job caring for the animals.

Thrown into this vibrant, yet unforgiving world, Jacob finds himself drawn to Marlena, a talented horse trainer and the wife of the cruel ringmaster, August. As Jacob and Marlena work together to tame a stubborn elephant named Rosie, their bond deepens, creating a forbidden love triangle that threatens the fragile stability of the circus family.

Notable Cast Members: (Specific actors may not be available yet as the show is new)

  • Jacob Jankowski (young and old)
  • Marlena Rackinger
  • August Rackinger

Key Creative Team:

  • Music & Lyrics: PigPen Theatre Co. (known for their folk-rock sound)
  • Book (script): [writer’s name needed] (information not yet available)
  • Director: [director’s name needed] (information not yet available)

Unique Features & Standout Elements:

  • The show is praised for its stunning visuals, bringing the magical and sometimes harsh world of the circus to life on stage.
  • The score by PigPen Theatre Co. is a unique blend of folk and rock, creating a powerful and emotional soundscape.
  • The central story of love, loss, and redemption set against the backdrop of the Depression era resonates with audiences.
  • The use of a live elephant (or a very convincing puppet) adds a layer of realism and emotional connection to the story.

The Outsiders (2024 Tony Award Winner – Best Musical)

Set in 1967 Tulsa, Oklahoma, the musical follows the lives of two rival gangs: the working-class Greasers and the wealthy Socs. The story centers on Ponyboy Curtis, a thoughtful 14-year-old Greaser, who navigates the tension between his loyalty to his gang and his yearning for a better life.

A tragic encounter with the Socs throws Ponyboy and his best friend Johnny into a desperate situation, forcing them to make tough choices and confront the harsh realities of their world.

Key Highlights:

  • Gritty and Emotional Score: The music, composed by a collaboration between Justin Levine and the folk duo Jamestown Revival, blends rock, country, and folk influences. The score is known for its powerful and emotional ballads that capture the characters’ struggles and yearnings.
  • Compelling Coming-of-Age Story: The musical stays true to S.E. Hinton’s original novel, exploring themes of friendship, loyalty, class conflict, and the search for identity. Ponyboy’s narration guides the audience through his journey of self-discovery amidst the backdrop of gang violence.
  • Modern Take on a Classic: While preserving the core themes and characters of the novel, the musical incorporates modern theatrical elements to create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience.

Notable Cast Members:

  • Brody Grant as Ponyboy Curtis
  • Sky Lakota-Lynch as Johnny Cade
  • Piper Patterson as Cherry Valance
  • Da’Von T. Moody as Dallas Winston

Key Creative Team:

  • Book by Adam Rapp and Justin Levine (adapted from S.E. Hinton’s novel)
  • Music and Lyrics by Justin Levine and Jamestown Revival (Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance)
  • Director: Sheryl K. Levine

Unique Features:

  • The musical seamlessly blends high-energy group numbers depicting gang rivalries with intimate moments that showcase the characters’ vulnerabilities.
  • The set design evokes the gritty urban environment of 1960s Tulsa, immersing the audience in the world of the Greasers and Socs.

Behind the Scenes: What Makes a Tony-Winning Musical?

While Tony voters consider a variety of factors, some common elements tend to resonate with them and contribute to a musical’s success at the awards:

Compelling Story and Script:

  • Originality and Freshness: A unique story or a fresh take on a classic can grab attention.
  • Emotional Resonance: The ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level through relatable characters and themes is crucial.
  • Strong Book (script): A well-crafted script that seamlessly integrates songs and dialogue is essential for a satisfying narrative flow.

Memorable Music and Lyrics:

  • High-Quality Score: Music that is innovative, well-composed, and complements the story elevates the production.
  • Catchy and Moving Songs: Songs that are both entertaining and emotionally impactful leave a lasting impression.
  • Intelligent Lyrics: Lyrics that are well-written, advance the plot, and reveal character depth are highly valued.

Exceptional Production Elements:

  • Strong Direction and Choreography: Vivid direction and innovative choreography can breathe life into the story and enhance the emotional impact.
  • Stunning Set Design and Costumes: A visually striking production design creates a captivating theatrical experience.
  • Top-Notch Performances: Powerful and nuanced performances by the entire cast elevate the material and bring the characters to life.

Interviews or Quotes From Industry Experts

Here’s some information on Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical interviews and quotes, including a shift to focus on avoiding copyrighted material:

  • Interviews:
    • Several news outlets conduct interviews with nominees and presenters around the Tony Awards. You can find these interviews by searching for “[Year] Tony Awards interviews” on news websites like CBS News CBS News Tony Awards interviews [invalid URL removed].
  • Quotes from Industry Experts:
    • Playbill, a respected theater publication, often features quotes from industry professionals reflecting on the Tony Awards. You can search for “[Year] Tony Awards Playbill” to find articles with these quotes.
    • Here’s an example from Playbill discussing the 2022 Tony Awards, but without including specific quotes due to copyright restrictions: “Playbill

Lights, Camera, Action… Live Theater!

The Tony Awards 2024 Best Musical have been a dazzling celebration of Broadway’s best for decades. It’s a night that reminds us of the power of live theater to transport us, move us, and make us think. But the magic doesn’t just happen on award night!

Live theater is a vibrant and essential art form. It brings stories to life in a way that no screen can replicate. The raw energy of actors performing in front of a live audience creates an electrifying experience that stays with you long after the curtain falls.

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