AI robots, a solution to plastics that do not get recycled

Press Release

Human beings feel very horrible when it comes to recycling plastics. North America is killing their fears by obtaining almost 100-AI powered robots. 

Even if trying to do it correctly, they stumble and make mistakes when it comes to recycling entirely plastic. Out of five, one litters a plastic that cannot be recycled at all. For instance, oily pizza boxes and Styrofoam food buckets are not recyclable. They have placed industries at a more significant risk compared to the way it was before. 

About 16% of the garbage produced by the world gets recycled. In the past years, the tiny silver has become smaller. 

China stopped processing the wastes of other countries, and this is why the United States is on the process of finding better ways to burn its trash.  More than half of the United States’ recyclables were taken to China in the past decades. Most of the garbage was plastics that the country melted into small pellets- the raw material for making plastic. It was in Match 2018 when China seized from receiving their wastes.

Kate O’Neill, a UC Berkley professor and an author of “Waste,” said that the United States began transporting more garbage to China, with plastics containing impurities mixed with many goods. The shipments China received had to be hand-processed, incinerated or buried in landfills.

The Chinese government said that the bales might contain half a percent of what contaminated them, like a dirty peanut butter jar or food wrappers. The United States of America recycling centers and customers could not keep up.

O’Neill added that in his opinion, people in the rich countries had gotten complements and not bothering in domestically building more recycling facilities. 

Currently, many startups are putting new technology to the test to make recycling sustainable.

AMP Robotics is artificial intelligence, and a company of robots that aspires to instill change in the way recycling is done. Matanya Horowitz, the founder of AMP Robotics, said that the conditions of Chines export markets are suitable for the company. 

Currently, AMP Robotics is making the latest miniature known as “Cortex Robot.” It used optical sensors to process whatever it comes across and has a “brain” to help come up with a plan on what the hands should do with, even if it looks very different from what it has seen before. 

Many recycling facilities are coming up to prevent unnecessary environmental contamination. Most of them invest in automation to help them progress in their operations.  

This post was originally published on Weekly News Times